“…I also will specifically call out the Neu family who ran the domain conference in Florida this year. I cannot express in words how welcome they make you feel. Barbara Neu is one of the most genuinely kind and welcoming people I have ever met, and she will literally bend over backwards to make sure that you feel welcome and are able to meet people during your first conference. If you are on the fence because you are a little worried about the social aspect of the conferences, make your first conference THE Domain Conference in Florida, and you won’t regret it.” — Joe Styler | Read full review on NamePros: Why Attend a Domain Conference?
“It was a great event and we are very happy we were able to play a role in it. The amount of love and support the industry has for all of you is impressive and inspiring and made the event very special. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to participate.”Jeff Sass
“Just a quick note to thank you for putting on such a fantastic event this week in Florida. Really enjoyed the panel discussions and got in some excellent networking!Patrick McCleery
“Tina and I couldn’t be more flattered and pleased by the multitude of little courtesies that were paid to us throughout our stay. The conference itself was super informative and without doubt very valuable for me and my company. Please accept our most heartfelt thanks and you can be assured we’ll be back.”Antony Van Couvering
“You and Howard should be proud of your first event!  The Hyatt property was beautiful and affordable and I hope you decide to return to the Hyatt.  There seemed to be a warm relaxed calming feeling casted over the event.  That’s a testament of the team behind the event (you, Howard and Ray).The farewell breakfast with that spectacular view was an incredible final memory.”Nancy Bianchi
“I wanted to tell you what a great event you put on and thank you for letting me participate. It was really educational to me being new to this area of business but I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information that was there, the openness of the people and how well the event was run.”Larry Van Dusseldorp
“THE Domain Conference held at the Hyatt Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale was one of the best shows I ever attended. What a great opportunity for anyone who attended to hear such wonderful speakers and gain so much more knowledge. This domain name conference was certainly outstanding!
I highly recommend the future shows to anyone interested in the strategies and techniques of developing websites with various new extensions for potential future profits.”
Larry Samson
“Myself and my son got a lot of invaluable information during this time. Howard and Barbara new along with Ray went above and beyond any expectation in their service to all the attendees. I am looking forward to with anticipation for the conference this year. Again, thank you Howard, Barbara and Ray for such an exceptional experience.”George Verdugo VisitSpace.com
“The Domain Conference is like a family reunion for longtime attendees where all new comers are welcomed with a warm smile and open arms. Howard, Barbara and Ray Neu do an excellent job of running a seamless show with top domain industry experts in a beautiful sunny location. There are plenty of opportunities for networking in a relaxed atmosphere along with educational panel discussions with the experts.” Andee Hill – donuts.co
“The Domain Conference was my first industry conference. Having been a “domainer” for a number of years prior to attending, I wasn’t sure if I would receive any value. I can tell you without a doubt that attending The Domain Conference was an invaluable experience. I was able to make numerous connections as well as increase my overall knowledge of the industry. If it’s your first time attending, Barbara and Howard will make you feel right at home. If you want to take your domain knowledge to the next level, you must attend The Domain Conference.”
Brian Fracaro – Vumly.com